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Space In Between

This curatorial collective will impress you. With a quick turnover of exhibitions in temporary spaces, and a permanent space opening in the summer, they are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

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Artinavan // Bureau Detours Collaboration

Our friends Artinavan// jet-setted off to Denmark last week to collaborate with Bureau Detours. Hannah Little wrote a daily diary update on the groupís project for Art Licks.

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Harry Bix and the East Anglia Records House Band perform a reading of his publication summarynjdkjds.pdf.

Event: Saturday 16 June, 6pm

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I wish I believed in destiny

London based South-African artist Nicole Vinokur presents her recent works including video, installation and drawings.

8 - 23 June 2018
Saturdays, 2-6pm

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Open Studios

Southgate Studios were founded in 1995 by two practising artists, Adrian Hemming and Adam Gray.

Event: Friday 15 June, 6-10pm

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The Authentic Fake

An interdisciplinary showcase of visual and live art that explores the simulation of the real - a reality generated not from the observable world but from ideas.

Preview: Thursday 14 June, 6-9pm
15 - 17 June 2018
Friday to Sunday, 1-6pm

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Animal Condensed>>Animal Expanded#2

Jennet Thomas presents the second of a trilogy of short films offering a comic-sardonic narrative concerning the nefarious reality of intensive farming and AI.

Preview: Wednesday 13 June, 6.30-8.30pm
14 June - 14 July 2018

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Astro-poems and vertical group exercises: Concrete poetry at CSA

This exhibition surveys the adoption of Concrete Poetry by British artists and designers, charting its evolution in the central years of the 1960s.

Preview: Tuesday 12 June, 6-8.30pm
13 June - 13 July 2018
Wednesday to Friday, 11am-5pm

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Bainbridge Open

To coincide with Bainbridge Print Studios' 10th birthday, ASC presents a hugely diverse and accomplished selection of contemporary print.

9 - 15 June 2018
Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday, 12-4pm

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Altered States

An exhibition of Artists' Moving Image that takes as its inspiration Ken Russell's 1980's science fiction film, Altered States.

Preview: Monday 11 June, 6-9pm
11 - 18 June 2018
Monday to Saturday, 1-8pm
Sunday, 12-6pm

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Live works by final year students from the Royal College of Art Performance Pathway, as part of the external event of Degree Show 2018, RCA.

Event: Sunday 10 June, 6.30-8pm

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Plastic Factory (no place for me)

Thomas Langley produces a hybrid commercial artistic situation - half shop, half exhibition.

Preview: Sunday 10 June, 12-6pm
10 - 25 June 2018
Monday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Summer Open Studios

Open studios for Gasworks' international artists in residence; an opportunity to see, hear about and discuss the research and work-in-progress that the artists' have been developing over the past three months.

Event: Saturday 9 June, 12-6pm

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Summer Open Studios

Meet the artists and makers at Hotel Elephant's studios on Spare Street.

9 - 10 June 2018
Saturday and Sunday, 11am-6pm

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The truth detectives at no:36

An exhibition of works by six artists investigating their own self, reflecting on their life histories, influences and art practice.

9 - 17 June 2018
Saturday and Sunday, 2-6pm

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The artists involved in this exhibition have been exploring the implications of our image-saturated world, reflecting on their place within it, and challenging the photographic medium itself, in a contemporary and progressive manner.

Preview: Friday 8 June, 6-9pm
7 - 10 June 2018
Thursday to Sunday, 10am-7pm

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Artist Run presents its first exhibition, of sculptural works by its co-founder Michael Wall.

Preview: Thursday 7 June, 7pm

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Present Imperfect

The collective bring together the outcome of a year of creative research, experimentation and risk - using a disused building as a space of presentation and (in some cases) an annex to the studio.

Preview: Wednesday 6 June, 7-9pm
6-7 June
Thursday, 12-6pm

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I am the one in ten

Exhibition tour of 'Words Fail Me', with a reading by Adam Gallagher.

Event: Saturday 2 June, 2-3.30pm

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Shake it Loose and Let it Fall

A set for voice and loop machine adapted in response to Tom and Arthur's SOFT ROC environment at KELDER.

Event: Friday 1 June, 6.30-9pm

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