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Space In Between

This curatorial collective will impress you. With a quick turnover of exhibitions in temporary spaces, and a permanent space opening in the summer, they are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

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Artinavan // Bureau Detours Collaboration

Our friends Artinavan// jet-setted off to Denmark last week to collaborate with Bureau Detours. Hannah Little wrote a daily diary update on the groupís project for Art Licks.

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"Concerning the Interior Stars": Scrying as Self-Care

Two-part workshop, artist Beth Emily Richards engages a small group with the art of scrying; traditionally a way to divine the future using a reflective object, but also used as a meditation, magical, and self-care tool.

Event: Saturday 9 December, 10am-2pm
& Thursday 14 December, 7-9pm

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Winter Open Studios

See, hear about and discuss the research and work-in-progress that the visiting resident Gasworks artists have been developing over the past three months.

Event: Saturday 9 December, 12-6pm

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A Song Cycle for the Ruins of a Psychiatric Unit

Tea and cake in the gallery and a performance on the last day of Louisa Fairclough's exhibition.

Event: Saturday 9 December, 2-6pm

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Comprising of an installation of photographic prints and a video work, Sean Vegezzi's exhibition at roaming projects showcases work from a more than decade long project by the artist.

Preview: Saturday 9 December, 6-9pm

10 December 2017 - 7 January 2018
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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A durational four hour performance piece by Marcel Darienzo, comprising of live action, dance, sound, video and text-based works as an installation in the gallery.

Event: Saturday 9 December 2017, 12-8pm

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Crawling over the Cardinal

New work from emerging artists Amelia Barratt, Paul Gwilliam and Al Page.

Preview: Friday 8 December, 6-9pm

9 - 10 December 2017
by appointment

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Open Studios

ASC Studios and Gallery alongside Bainbridge Print Studios and Turps Banana: painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, drawing, mixed media, ceramics and performance.

Event: Friday 8 December, 6-8pm
& Saturday 9 December, 12-4pm

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Debord: Negation & Consumption in Culture

In December the [SYMPOSIUM] BOOK CLUB join Aristotelis Nikolaidis to discuss Negation and Consumption in the Cultural Sphere, the eighth chapter of Guy Debord's 1967 book The Society of the Spectacle.

Event: Friday, 8 December, 6.30-9pm

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The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival V

The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival V is the fifth in a series of international festivals championing artists' moving image.

Event: Thursday 7 December, 7pm

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Stranger than Paradise

The first solo exhibition in London by Brazilian artist Vanessa da Silva.

Preview: Thursday 7 December, 6.30-8.30pm

8 December 2-17 - 28 January 2018
by appointment

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For one evening only Simona Sharafudinov is taking over Burlington Camden (an abandoned railway arch) to present a new performance work.

Event: Thursday 7 December, 6-10pm

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Dawn Breaks

An ongoing project by two Korean artists of different generations: Jewyo Rhii and Jihyun Jung.

Preview: Thursday 7 December, 6.30-8.30pm

8 December 2017 - 27 January 2018
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Tintype gallery's large window, on a busy corner in Essex Road, becomes a public screen for six weeks over Christmas and New Year.

Preview: Thursday 7 December, 6.30-8.30pm

8 December 2017 - 13 January 2018
Daily, 4-11pm

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TRANSPARENCY implies openness of communication, the difference between the ordinary surface of things and what lies beneath.

Preview: Thursday 7 December, 6.30-9pm

8 - 10 December 2017
Daily, 12-4pm

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Entre Amis

A fundraising exhibition of newly commissioned artist's editions and unique works by a range of internationally acclaimed artists.

Preview: Wednesday 6 December, 6-9pm

7 - 17 December 2017
Thursday to Sunday, 1-7pm

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Everything is medicine

Imagined as a secondary exhibition, Simon Linington's single installation sees objects imbued with ideas.

Preview: Tuesday 5 December, 6.30-8.30pm

6 - 22 December 2017
by appointment only

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Generative Environments

Exhibition that brings together the work of the graduating students from the MA Sound Arts at London College of Communication, UAL.

Preview: Sunday 3 December, 2-4pm

6 - 10 December 2017
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am-4pm

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An exhibition that explores the idea of display. Artworks brought together in the show address the viewer's gaze: confronting, absorbing, or reflecting it.

Preview: Saturday 2 December, 6-9pm

2 - 5 December 2017
Sunday, 11am-4pm
Monday, 11am-5pm
Tuesday, 11am-2pm

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