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Space In Between

This curatorial collective will impress you. With a quick turnover of exhibitions in temporary spaces, and a permanent space opening in the summer, they are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

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Artinavan // Bureau Detours Collaboration

Our friends Artinavan// jet-setted off to Denmark last week to collaborate with Bureau Detours. Hannah Little wrote a daily diary update on the groupís project for Art Licks.

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Slow, thick fingers

Group exhibition that brings together a range of contemporary practitioners to explore touch as gesture.

Preview: Friday 12 February, 6-9pm

13 February - 12 March 2016
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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I am so heavy

The first London solo show by Oliver Tirre.

Preview: Thursday 11 February, 6-9pm

12 February - 5 March 2016
Friday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Home Instruction Manual

The first full-scale installation of Jan McCullough's award-winning internet driven photography project.

Preview: Thursday 11 February, 6-10pm

12 - 28 February 2016
Thursday to Sunday, 11am-6pm

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Films and Filming: Witnessing

Artist filmmaker Lucy Parker presents recent work in discussion with video journalist Jason N. Parkinson. Followed by a screening of the feature film 'Miners Shot Down' (2014) directed by Rehad Desai.

Event: Tuesday 9 February, 7-10pm

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Patrick Goddard & Pil and Galia Kollectiv

An artist film screening that brings together two works, 'Greater Fool Theory' (35 mins, 2015) by Patrick Goddard and 'Suck the Living Labour' (37:45 mins, 2013) by Pil and Galia Kollectiv.

Event: Tuesday 9 February, 6.30-8.30pm

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Manual Labours: The Complaining Body

Exhibition about the physical and emotional affects of complaining, receiving complaints and not being able to complain in the context of work.

6 February - 3 March 2016
Monday to Friday, 10am-8pm
Saturday, 10am-5pm

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Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa on YouTube

An informal presentation by Guatemalan artist Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa based on the artist's 'YouTube research' into the delirious theories of Mormon missionaries and the British conspiracy theorist David Icke which inspired his current show.

Event: Saturday 30 January, 3pm

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How the mind comes to be furnished

A collaborative exhibition of new work by James Irwin and Lilah Fowler.

Preview: Friday 29 January, 6-9pm

30 January - 27 February 2016
Friday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Fan Club 3: Shipfic Bodyswap Copyriot

A fan club exploring the curious relationship between art and fandom featuring guest fans and artists working with fan-like tendencies.

Event: Friday 29 January, 6.30-8pm

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Gabriel Birch's exhibition celebrates the luxury of mass produced goods and considers the shadowy life they claim when discarded.

Preview: Friday 29 January, 6-9pm

30 - 31 January 2016
Daily, 11am-4pm
& by appointment 1 - 6 February 2016

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MIND OUT - Manufactured Space and Constructed Transformations

This group exhibition aims to examine the imaginative, constructed and performative nature of space.

Preview: Friday 29 January, 6-8pm

29 January - 21 February 2016
Thursday to Sunday, 12-5pm

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Exhibition by Holly Hendry.

Preview: Thursday 28 January, 6.30-9.30pm

28 January - 28 February 2016
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Notes from the Field: Commoning Practices in Art and Science

This multi-faceted project investigates the notion of art as a tool or tactic for action with communities, with a focus on projects involving science and technology or driven by ecological concerns.

28 January - 19 March 2016
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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A new commission and the first UK solo exhibition by New York-based artist Park McArthur who works primarily in sculpture, sound and text.

Preview: Thursday 28 January, 6.30-8.30pm

29 January - 3 April 2016
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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work the meat, pleasure the dessert

In this durational performance, Jeremy Hutchison presents a new outsourcing model for the affective economy.

Preview: Thursday 28 January, 6-9pm

29 - 31 January 2016
Daily, 12-6pm

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Do you think I'm Beautiful?

Exhibition by Melissa Kime.

Preview: Wednesday 27 January, 6pm

28 January - 27 February 2016
Tuesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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The Sleepwalkers

A major new film commission by Lebanese artist Rana Hamadeh, her first solo exhibition in the UK.

Preview: Tuesday 26 January, 6.30-8.30pm

27 January - 19 March 2016
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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The sun went in, the fire went out: landscapes in film, performance and text

Exploring ideas of land, site, duration and re-presentation, the exhibition comprises works by three artists: Annabel Nicolson, Carlyle Reedy and Marie Yates.

Preview: Tuesday 26 January, 6-8.30pm

27 January - 4 March 2016
Wednesday to Friday, 11am-5pm

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