October, November & December 2010

Art launched in January 2010, and has since flourished as a free resource for promoting the emerging arts, and for providing this information to a wide audience. The Art Licks magazine stems from this context.

The Art Licks magazine is about looking beyond the obvious, behind the commercial and the mainstream and giving a refreshing insight into what artists, curators and galleriests are doing and thinking.

This is the first issue for the magazine, and so an important one. Without wanting to give too much away, there are articles galore, interviews, artist profiles and even an artist’s work made especially for the magazine and for you as a reader.

This magazine is not written about the people making this exciting art scene happen in London – it is written by them.


Audrey Reynolds, Fordham Gallery

Amber S.V. Ablett of [Details on Request]

Helen Frosi of SoundFjord

Holly Willats

Jeni Allison

Jose da Silva

Kit Merritt

Ladies of the Press*

Ollie Hogan

Patrick Coyle

Sophie Risner

Space In Between

Issue One is the AUTUMN issue, £6. Order via PayPal or please email us at: info[at]

Also available at the TATE Modern Bookshop, ICA bookstore, Koenig Serpentine, Artwords Bookshop (Broadway Market), South London Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, STOUR SPACE and NewGallery London.
Art Licks Magazine, Issue One. Artist's Profile: Patrick Coyle.Art Licks Magazine, Issue One. Helen Frosi, Alternating Current: Sound In ArtArt Licks Magazine, Issue One. Open Safari: Art and or-bits.comArt Licks Magazine, Issue One. Ollie Hogan, Supporting StatementArt Licks Magazine, Issue OneArt Licks Magazine, Issue OneArt Licks Magazine, Issue OneArt Licks Magazine, Issue One