A Site-specific installation by International Street Art Sculptors ROBOTS>>>> (UK). Extensive new painting and Mural works by two leading international street artists ROA (Belgium) and Phlegm (UK).

at The Bussey Building

BLACK/LIGHT promises to be a unique experience crossing street art with contemporary installation and sculpture as well as three music events with numerous experimental, noise and avant rock. As you enter into darkness you are immediately handed a torch, inviting you to tentatively and quietly explore and discover the contents of the space. Recorded/Acoustic sounds will alert your attention as projections appear, illustrating tiny, ghostly figures scuttling around you, enigmatic and alluring, insect like humanoids are working at building large incomprehensible objects. These objects will slowly reveal themselves as a network of shanty like buildings that seem to form giant, lumbering humanistic forms with magnetic data tape spewing from their eyes and mouths. You follow a giant arm as it spans the room bracing itself onto the wall opposite. As if industrious animals have been hard at work while the rest of the world sleeps, building some kind of shrine like dwellings and through tiny doors strange interiors are evident with contradictory light sources, light bulbs that seem to consume rather than emit light. Constructed from a beautifully exquisite tapestry of debris, various tones of wood and layered surfaces curve and lean, leading your eyes off into new darker corners. As the light from the torches scan the space further, shadows will swoop and twist creating a feeling of disorientation. Then as the light catches a reflective surface, the head of a giant rabbit or bird will glow frozen in your beam like a pagan's god watching over this strange new place. Exotic hot-air balloons driven by illusive pilots and intrepid explorers surreptitiously populate this nocturnal world and as these images start to unfold they begin to form a narrative that makes its way into your subconscious, more projections appear and more illustrations begin to emerge from the darkness. Eventually as you weave your way around the whole space you discover that you are exploring a tiny city hidden away at the top of this disused warehouse in


ROBOTS>>>> are an artist collective based in London and the South East of England. Working since the summer of 2009, Robots>>>> aim to shine a new light on public art, creating innovative yet accessible sculptures. Heavily influenced by comics, graffiti and the contents of skips, Robots>>>> have captured the interest of the art world and media and have recently appeared in print in The New York Times.

ROA has exhibited work on the sides of buildings and various other giant scale surface the world over receiving a lot of media attention and critical acclaim over the past 2 years. He is considered one of the top contemporary street artists on the world stage and is renowned for his phenomenal dedication and prolific abilities. ROA’s work has recently been in the Guardian.

PHLEGM is also gaining the attention of the international street art arena. Painting large scale characters and designs in the public eye. An illustrator dedicated to self-publishing, he works with black ink, dip pen and various methods of printing. Creating intriguing designs and imagery that capture the imagination of all that experience them. These drawings find their way onto existing surfaces and walls transforming ordinary spaces into dreamlike worlds.

TALI CLARKE is a film maker, photographer, editor and multimedia artist. Making music videos, shorts and a documentary following ROBOTS>>>> on a three week build at Secret Garden Party featuring beautifully filmed, rare footage of illusive International graffiti artist ROA as well as an introduction to ROBOTS>>>> themselves

Opening Times
25 February 6 March 2011

The Bussey Building
Peckham Rye
SE15 4ST