Stockholm Syndrome and Other System Failures

at Arcadia Missa


1. Embrace and explore the [post]structural possibilities of precarious living;

2. #OCCUPY and RESIST (strategies might include: spending unproductive time at consumer retail outlets; developing a successful online brand to help you win friends and influence people accrue and disseminate affective capital for a better world; booty jamming; crying in public).

3. TMI <-- ≓ / ⋟ PIDH = ☯/ↀ

4. Always "be" "yourself."



Jesse Darling, in herself and her work, harnesses the performance of the self and gender identity online—particularly through social media. Although there are still pervasive and dominant cultures virtually, as in IRL, there are also more (and more immediate) avenues for escapism on the Internet.

In Stockholm syndrome and Other System failures, Jesse Darling pulls her online escapism into the [physical] gallery space and presents a dystopian ‘how to’ installation for austerity survivalism within these online social platforms of which she inhabits.

In essence you can 'be' who you choose to be, and if that's swapping your gender, reclaiming an identity of femininity, acting out professionalism via playbour techniques—the internet allows a space for all, and more, of these things to take place. One has the access, autonomy and personal power within the social context (/urls) to escape, perform and reconfigure your society/social network online, yet it is the rupture, the lag, and the disappointment in this online world’s affectation on her immediate ‘society’ which Jesse explores – examining, experimenting and playbouring in the gap between the two.

Jesse Darling as artist/as person has large online followings, which she thinks of as her audience; she has run several projects using crowdsourced content as part of her artist portfolio and has published essays on Internet culture on and, where she is a contributing writer.

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Opening Times
31 March 8 April 2012
Thursday to Sunday, 12-5pm

Arcadia Missa
Unit 6, Bellenden Road Business Centre,
SE15 4RF