Photo-Soup is a collaborative project that allows artists to disseminate their work and ideas without the necessity to fit mainstream curatorial agendas.

at Unit 24 Gallery

Barbara van den Heuvel, Nadege Meriau, Melanie Stidolph, EJ Major, Carlos Saladen-Vargas, Eti Wade, Gianni Forte, Heather McDonough, Alex Drago, Mark Hamilton, Roland Serani, Ania Cerelczak

Unit24 is a gallery created in response to the changingface of the world of fine art and other visualdisciplines. It is fiercely independent, literally a stone's throw from the Tate Modern.

Photo-Soup / Unit24

Opening Times
Preview: Friday 20 April, 7-9pm

21 April - 12 May 2012
Monday to Wednesday, 8am-5pm;
Thursday to Friday, 8am-6.30pm; and Saturday, 9am-2pm

Unit 24 Gallery
20 Great Guildford Street