In The Pleasing

Alice Walton makes sculptural installations that she terms architectural objects. They are configured to support and re-present collections of found images which Walton invariably blocks, masks or effaces in some way.


“In her art works, Alice Walton boils down many of the questions artists struggle with in rendering their ideas visual, and manifests these questions into her sculptures and drawings. The subject of Walton’s works is often art making itself, and the histories and processes of making art.”- Kim Dhillon

In the Pleasing demonstrates Walton’s fascination with materials, particularly lo-fi forms of tape and slabs of insulation material, here made into a monumental table. She has created multiple cubic shapes – sculptural objects in their own right yet they play a crucial role in the syntax of the show. The colour silver is a unifying element and a means of refracting and mirroring images.

The result is works that have ambiguity and clarity on the same plane and are what Ben Roberts calls “…an experiment in visual language. Walton separates the process of looking from understanding and lays them side by side, yet what you see and what you get will very much depend on you.”


Opening Times
Preview: Tuesday 24 April, 6-8.30pm

25 April 26 May 2012
Wednesday to Friday, 11am-6pm; Saturday, 11am-4pm

18 St Cross Street