Emit brings together the work of 14 artists who use the multiple in print to explore ideas of time.

at New Gallery London

Where the title suggests an utterance or release, the artists respond with their own voices ‘uttering’ their own interpretations. Printmaking in its broadest application serves to underline a commonality, while time and its sequential intervals are interrogated and subverted. Here past and present can be reversed: EMIT/ TIME, and these diverse utterances of duration and continuation create a dialogue with one another in the space of the exhibition.

Participating artists:

Trevor Abbott, Victoria Ahrens, Valentina Biga, Katie Binks, Jessie Campbell, Sophie Davies, Misa Gott, Kat Libretto, Charlie Masson, Elliot Robinson, Monika Smolinska, Hal Stennett, Sue Swain, Jian Zhou.

Curated by Victoria Ahrens and Misa Gott

Victoria Ahrens, imwalde, 2012Victoria Ahrens, imwalde, 2012

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 24 May, 6-9pm

22-27 May 2012
Daily, 11am-6pm

New Gallery London
Pelican House,
Peckham Road,