A Rehearsal / Fable of the Bees

Annika Eriksson's performance uses an unknown script, four actors and a Sunday afternoon.

at Flat Time House

Tested out, rehearsed and finally performed, the script is an open text, giving a limited set of instructions about time, name and place.

The dialogue departs from philosopher, political economist and satirist Bernard de Mandeville's 1705 allegorical tale, The Fable of the Bees (Private Vices, Public Benefits). Mandeville's work explores through animal form the nature and morality of commercial modernity, using the hive as a microcosm to outline the true causes of human welfare. In the open rehearsal of the performance, these moral propositions are put to work, in a temporally ambiguous drama, with dystopic undertones.

A Rehearsal/Fable of the Bees by Annika Eriksson is the first part of The idea the model the mistake, a series of specially developed performances about the economy inspired by the work and ideas of Robert Filliou. Drawing on the slippages between how value is performed and generated, the project looks at how systems of labour and capital can be tested from within a practice, as something that is part of what we do rather than a removed object of study.

The idea the model the mistake is curated by Vanessa Boni, Fatima Hellberg and Fay Nicolson.

Booking is essential please email claire@flattimeho.org.uk

Flat Time House

Opening Times
Sunday 3 June, 3-5pm

Flat Time House
210 Bellenden Road
SE15 4BW