Regimes of Hardship 3

Following Regimes of Hardship 1 and 2, this is the final installment of a series of performances, concluding Martin O'Brien's residency at ]performance space[.

at ]performancespace[

In the first performance O'Brien carried out a regime of endurance based tasks drawing explicitly upon the pathology of Cystic Fibrosis while on the second the artist drew on the bio-politics of medicine challenging the ideology of the perfect body and addressing the social construction of health.

Regimes of Hardship is a practice as research project consisting of three performance installations taking place over a three month period at ]performance s p a c e [ in Hackney Wick. In the year of the London Olympic Games O’Brien uses endurance in order to examine and challenge contemporary ideologies of health and illness and how this relates to the social construction of medicine and the body. The three installation-performances will examine the ways in which self-imposed endurance could act as a personal pathological resistance to illness. Regimes of Hardship attempts to communicate, interrogate and extend discourses around the body and medicine including areas such as pain and discipline within the medical regime, health and illness, the medical and art gaze and issues of embodiment.

]performance s p a c e [

Opening Times
Thursday 7 June, 12pm-12am

Unit 6 Hamlet Industrial Estate, White Post Lane,
E9 5EN