Albert Square... the artists move in

Imagine a situation where artists have continued to spread further east and now inhabit the invented 'Eastenders' landscape.

at A-side B-side Gallery

The gentrification of an area is soon to follow artists, so what comes next, the Queen Vic to serve up posh organic beer & cider, overpriced cupcakes being sold at the cafe, or perhaps Beale's Plaice serving gourmet fish and chips?

The gallery space will be transformed into Albert Square complete with market stall, The Queen Vic and Bridge St café. The square will be festooned with bunting, Union Jacks and monarchy memorabilia to reflect the celebration of the Queens Jubilee in a traditional street party. Works of art responding to the merriment of the occasion and changing face of the area will be adorning the walls of the square.

And no street party is complete without the iconic trestle table, decorated with national pride and lined with tasty treats – in this case pens and paper plates on which to serve up your own food for thought. A utopian vision of hope and renewal, or of exclusion and marginalization.. you decide!

A-side B-side presents the new residents of Walford, including Bishi’s new album ‘Albion Voice’ as the judicious soundtrack to the show:

Alice Gabb, Bishi & Matthew Hardern, Chantal Powell, Harry Pye & Marcus Cope, Josie McCoy, Juliette Bunce, Pure Evil, Sonia Blair, Twinkle Troughton, Warren Garland

For the opening night only our ‘on site’ café, The Russet aka ‘Beales Plaice’, will be offering a delicious set menu providing a modern take on the humble fish and chip supper.For menu and bookings visit:

A-side B-side Gallery

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 7 June, 6-9pm

7 - 20 June 2012
Thursday to Sunday, 12-6pm

A-side B-side Gallery
5-9 Amhurst Terrace
E8 2BT