Sixty Nine

Subway Gallery's 69th exhibition and a retrospective marking the gallery's 6th Birthday.

at Subway Gallery

“It has been an inventive, challenging and inspirational journey, constellated by many achievements. We are an innovative presence in

London's 21st Century art scene, attracting worldwide media attention, receiving positive and encouraging feedback from numerous followers, visitors and the local community.

Since its foundation, the Subway Gallery has showcased a broad variety of art practices and promoted over 150 British and international artists from all walks of life, renowned and up-and-coming.

Our name derives from its underground location, one of London's most unloved and unappreciated. Designed in the 60's as a forward thinking plan, the subway for decades was left to deteriorate, its true potentials neglected.

When we started six years ago our objective was to revitalise the subway with "the power of art". The Subway Gallery kiosk is an unexpected and provoking art space, its clear glass walls allow to view and experience art freely without a required commitment to enter a space.

Our approach extends beyond the gallery boundaries, improving thearea visually and forming an oasis of creativity able to generate a change with an emotional, stimulating response from the public and passers by,making it more friendly and a positive cultural experience.

Thanks to all; artists and supporters, our continuous goal is to advance, exhibiting new art and fostering pioneering projects.

The Subway Gallery is an outsider artist run gallery.”

- Subway Gallery

Opening Times
Preview: Wednesday 6 June, 6-9pm
6-30 June 2012

Subway Gallery
Kiosk 1, Joe Strummer Subway, Edgware Road / Harrow Road
W2 1DX