Flora Parrott's '1000th' explores the futility inherent in those daily tasks and continual labours which remain perpetually unfinished.

at WW Gallery (Patio)

With her garland of 999 soap fingers, Parrott draws on the Buddhist story of Angulimala’s struggle to collect 1000 fingers. Despite extreme sacrifices and endless efforts, Angulimala was unable to complete his training as the fingers continued to rot.

Parrott presents the viewer with an unnerving sense of frustration when faced with 1000th’s deliberate and provocative resistance of resolution. Through metaphor the work makes our contemporary condition and the dissatisfactions of modern working-life grotesquely tangible.

Artist statement:

"I struggle to combine the properties of a particular experience, the shape and consistency of an object or the pace at which is moves. I become confused and find it hard to define whether I am identifying with smell, taste, touch, sight or hearing. This confusion is both compelling and frustrating. 
The work is drawn from a compulsion to explain a state of ‘being’, a state that is always evolving and changing. It is 3 dimensional collage in which instinctively chosen images and objects are arranged in a way that articulates a physical experience. All the work is made and displayed in an effort to understand and dissect these experiences; to clarify, examine and ‘pin down’ sensations that otherwise seem chaotic and incomprehensible."

Flora Parrott / WW Gallery

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 7 June, 6-9pm
7 June - 1 July 2012

WW Gallery (Patio)
30 Queensdown Rd
E5 8NN