PRIME: 10 Contemporary Painters

This exhibition seeks to reexamine established ideas about the painted form and the traditional relationship between work and exhibition space.

at Block A, Bussey Building

Featuring work by Lewis Acott, Fern Dixon, Lisa Huxley-Blythe, Robert Mead, Alice Mendelowitz, Ricky Reveley, Emily Rubner, Connie Sides, Jasper Wilson and Joe Wilson.

A central theme to this exhibition, is the space of the painted surface and its interaction with both the viewer and the situated environment, whilst other works will explore the physicality of the medium itself.

The exhibition features artists whose primary interests concern the image, from the magazine advert to the old master, and a struggle to reconcile the modern and historic with personal concerns. The removal of images from original context forces reconsideration of the familiar and past and present are channelled into one picture plane to create a new aesthetic.

PRIME will be a fresh and dynamic look at painting today without curatorial restrictions.


Opening Times
Preview: Monday 11 June
11 - 15 June 2012

Block A, Bussey Building
133 Rye Lane
SE15 4ST