To coincide with Camberwell Arts week, Inland has invited 11 artists to respond to a temporary exhibition space within its gallery walls.

at Inland

The structure built within the usual gallery space will act as a scaled down interpretation ofthe gallery in which to consider projects in a similarly pared down & yet climatic manner.

The initial departure point for making the structure evolved around the idea of an Island as a testing ground for experimentation and discovery. As this idea developed, the structure was designed so that it is relative to the spatial plan of the Inland gallery. By being self-reflexive in this way, the hope is to free up an association with finished works and encourage a more organic production of work within this short time frame.

The design of the structure refers to the history and use of the narrative construct a mise en abyme. Whereby an idea (often a symbolic image) is placed within the larger context of a greater idea to imply further meaning of the whole.

Artists presenting work:

Benji Jeffrey, Cilla Berg, Jennifer Campbell, Rosie Carr, Natasha Cox, Jennifer Crouch, Keira Greene, Lauren Houlton, Rebecca James, Benji Jeffrey, Paul Kindersley, Sophie Nibbs

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Opening Times
17, 19 & 21 June 2012
Daily, 5 - 9pm

25a Camberwell Church Street