The first 'Speed Show' in London. For one night only.

at Living Space Internet Cafe

Artists: Natalie Bookchin, Double Happiness, Parker Ito, Geraldine Juarez, Caleb Larsen, Kristin Lucas, Eduardo Navas, Jon Rafman, Gustavo Romano, River of the Net, Brad Troemel and Jonathan Vingiano.

Public Access is an exhibition of Internet-based works by a group of artists originating from the Americas. The exhibition takes the format of a ‘Speed Show’, a pop-up event held for one night in an Internet café. This ‘Speed Show’, which has become a popular exhibitionary format in the US, is the first of its kind in the UK.

Public Access presents a selection of works by Internet artists who address the nature of public participation and relational platforms. Since the advent of social networking, Internet art has occupied a critical position between mass media and social movements, exposing their impact on human behaviour in the public sphere. In an age of increasing dependence on both human and corporate online presence, nearly every online activity is exploited by Web 2.0 software. The spontaneous nature and dynamic context of the Speed Show situates Internet art at its most vibrant in the act of dialogue, connection and exchange.

In keeping with the networked modes of distribution, Public Access takes over Living Space; a pioneering social enterprise Internet café in Waterloo that has been offering low-cost Internet access to the local community since 2003.


Opening Times
Tuesday 12 June, 4.30-9pm

Living Space Internet Cafe
1 Coral Street