Kirsty Tinkler

The closing exhibition for the current SHIFT. space.





Six weeks spent in a gallery, within a largely derelict council estate, awaiting the hammer. The entire building becomes a transitory space. The stairwells and hallways already empty, the doors and windows mostly boarded and shored up. A space without place. This building has no provenance, no one exceptional having died long ago lived or worked here, nor is it a great example of an architectural style. There were no symbols incorporated within its design betraying the consistency of our historical beings, the clean lines and empty space are between time, before and after and soon to be forgotten. The properties of value for veneration are not here, while we preserve perceived architectural and historical value elsewhere; to what end.

This building has provenance

an exceptional being lived here

built it

it exemplifies a style.

Craft a plaque.

Let it last in a sense

of time.

This building housed hundreds

families and gangs

lived init.

Ran its hallways and stairs

filled with noise and smells.

Pass over the blot


Gallery is viewable by invitation and appointment only.

For enquires or to make an appointment please email

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 14 June, 6-9pm
15 - 29 June 2012

32 Shelmerdine Close
E3 4UX