Kira Freije's first solo show. Freije's work is concerned with the comedy of commodified aspiration.


Sardonically suggestive, Kira Freije’s sculptural presentations confront the desire for the perfect object. A seamlessly finished diagonal plinth, polished and glossy, is topped by an aluminium crate tipped diagonal, a Pendleton blanket pouring out of it like some exotic cocktail.

Materials and craftsmanship are paramount. Kreije seeks out exceptional raw materials and investigates how to fashion them into sculptural objects in which pop art conjoins with fetishised desire: Swank, a gigantic cigarette, is made from Carrara marble, copper and Perspex. 

Nudging into the frame of reference is the inverse of the seductive surface, the suspicion that it might all be fake: the lure of the swindler, the con artist. This is addressed most directly in a work called Self-made Swindler in which a ‘gentleman’s effects’ – braces, signet ring, handkerchiefs, socks, neatly folded velour dressing gown – are laid out ready and waiting in wooden drawers, but look closely and the velvet slippers have the stitched initials B.L.F. They are replicas of Bernard Madoff’s slippers.

‘Effects’ take on a different significance: the trappings of power, wealth and status that are indeed a trap, a seductive con. 


Opening Times
Preview: Wednesday 13 June, 6-8.30pm

14 June - 14 July 2012
Wednesday to Friday, 11am-6pm; Saturday, 11am-4pm

23 25 Redchurch Street
E2 7DJ