As part of ongoing intervention at the now derelict Blockbuster's in Catford regarding the politics of the videocassette, three Goldsmiths academics will be giving their 10 minute responses to waste, obsolescence and recycling.

at The Old Blockbusters Video Store

Live Event: A short presentation of academic thought relating to waste, obsolescence and recycling

Paul Halliday – ‘Regarding Obsolescence’

A short talk about the concept of the 'product life cycle', planned obsolescence and what happens when marketeers get the planning wrong

Peter Coates—'Abandoned objects: informal recycling in Paris'

Francisco Calafate-Faria—'What’s in the package? The hidden politics of waste and recycling'

Responding to Paul Halliday’s art installation ‘Deluge’, Francisco will present some stories of his research on sociological dimensions of recycling in London and in the Brazilian city of Curitiba.

Following the presentations a short panel discussion and an opportunity to ask questions will follow.This event will be of interest to academics and those with a general interest on how we deal with technology at the end of its lifecycle.


Opening Times
Wednesday 20 June, 2.30pm

The Old Blockbusters Video Store
95 Rushey Green, Catford,