Jukhee Kwon's work is the accumulative result of a destructive and repetitive process.

at La Scatola Gallery

Jukhee Kwon’s work is the accumulative result of a destructive and repetitive process; the individual book, through the artist’s reworking, becomes something monumental, often returning to its original form- from tree to book, from book to tree. In Being La Scatola Gallery will house a new work by Kwon taking the form of a suspended and overflowing bookcase.

The artist notes a personal and cultural narrative within her work, which came after the act of making; a feeling of freedom from restraint perhaps, or a living-through of her own migratory experience illustrated in the books themselves. Kwon creates through the destructive process, transforming both the object itself and its relation to the viewer; her work is inspired by artist John Latham, who used ideas of disintegration and the book, notably changing the form of Greenberg’s Art and Culture by asking his students to chew the pages to result in a distilled liquid version.

Korean artist Chan Kwang Young is another notable connection; his paper sculptures, in a manner resounding heavily with the work of Kwon, take the form of huge and arresting structures made from the most delicate of parts; basic pockets of information which combine and open to become something both new and referential. Through negation Kwon’s books become beings, returned in part to their original form.

An exhibition curated by Valentina Fois.

Words by Lucy Lopez.

La Scatola Gallery

Opening Times
Preview: Friday 22 June, 6-8.30pm
22 June - 10 August 2012

La Scatola Gallery
1 Snowden Street, (Entrance through corner of Worship St with Appold St)