Strange Hungers

A solo show of new works by Sadie Hennessy.

at WW Gallery

‘…and the (unanswered) mating call, or at least the rallying cry, of the aging woman as she grows old disgracefully.’

Taking its title from the 1963 British Pulp Fiction book, Strange Hungers delves into the mysterious workings of desire, and the insistent lusts and yearnings of the sexual appetite.

Taking a playful look at the slippage between repression and expression, decorum and disarray, the exhibition is a wry celebration of female empowerment. Hennessy works across media in collage, print and sculpture to explore a catalogue of insatiable hungers, including lady lust, mother love, the fear of female sexuality, the banality of pornographic imagery and the exploitative sensationalism of gossip mags.

Strange Hungers is both a humorously camp commentary on British cultural values and a critical examination of their changing status. Consistently outrageous, Hennessy subverts familiar imagery in an observational wit fest which boldly goes where it probably ought not to.

WW Gallery

Opening Times
Preview: Tuesday 19 June, 6-9pm

20 June - 14 July 2012
Wednesday to Friday, 11am-6pm; Saturday, 11am-4pm

WW Gallery
34/35 Hatton Garden