A_M O-O, Arcadia_Missa Open Office

A programme of exhibitions, talks and events located in a research-production project at Arcadia_Missa Gallery.

at Arcadia Missa

A_M O-O is an installation that provides a physical exhibition space, which is active, productive and attempts to create a critical context for artworks, praxis and projects to momentarily sit within. 
The mutating structure instigates its ‘critical context’ via its compaction of research, production and display into one space; and artist, curator, writer and visitor into one participant. Contemporary artists from around the world will present work within O-O.

Some exhibitions or events will take over the space and disassemble the scene, others will utilise it as a space for production and some will work with it as a unique site for presentation. Alongside the exhibitions and events programme A_M will be working in O-O, continuing to run the space and work on its publications. This expanded, collaborative practice on one site is an experiment in translating the work/presentation/viewing platforms of much contemporary online content into the gallery space creating a working environment which responds to, critiques and develops our uses of these forms and structures.

The first event on Friday will be the bare installation laid open for inspection/Bring Your Own Booze office party. O-O will then open fully over July, with the first O-O takeover by Matt Drage and Iain Ball, culminating in their event on Saturday 7 July.

Featuring Riyo Nemeth, Jammie Nicholas, Aislinn Dowling, Christopher Page, Michael O'Mahony, Oliver Jennings, Helga Wretman, TANG [Tight Artists Net Gang], Harry Sanderson, Jennifer Chan, Marlie Mul, Clunie Reid, Hannah Perry,
Matt Drage, Iain Ball, Jesse Darling, Cadence Kinsey, Ann Hirsch, FaithHolland, Harry Burke, Angelo Plessas, Yuri Pattison + more

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Opening Times
Opening event: Friday 29 June, 6-9pm

29 June - 16 December 2012
Thursday to Sunday, 12-5pm

Arcadia Missa
Unit 6, Bellenden Road Business Centre,
SE15 4RF