White Walls Project 1 - 'PLAN'

An exhibition of drawings and prints by Leonie Lachlan.

at EXHIBIT at Golden Lane Estate

Fascinated by the urban environment and the psychology of space, Leonie Lachlan’s work delicately balances different techniques; printmaking, etching, drawing and building, approaching her work from a perspective that incorporates fine art and architectural methods.

Presenting works from her large-scale ‘The Envisageable Cities’ series together for the first time, alongside new works created exclusively for the exhibition, Leonie’s beguiling intricate and fastidiously detailed works on paper continue to dissect and examine the constructed world, and how it shapes us. In conjunction with EXHIBIT gallery, which inhabits the renowned Golden Lane Estate, Leonie will create new works in response to the council housing complex, built in the 1950s, regarded at its conception as a model for social housing intergration and a symbol of post-war recovery in an area devastated by bombing during World War II. A unique document of London’s inner city housing, contemplating the possibilities of space and the way we interact with our built environment, subject to constant change and reinvention.

On Saturday 21 July the public are invited to attend a free drawing class at EXHIBIT Gallery led by the artist.


Opening Times
Preview: Wednesday 4 July, 6.30-8.30pm

5 July - 4 August 2012
Monday to Friday, 11am-6pm; Saturday 11am-5pm

EXHIBIT at Golden Lane Estate
20 Goswell Road