Piotr Janas

The first London solo exhibition by Warsaw-based artist Piotr Janas.

at ICA

With his paintings, Janas presents amoebic forms recalling organs, bodily fluids and various body parts that contrast with hard edged machine-like mechanisms that seemingly puncture and wound. Fleshy pinks and reds associated with living organisms are juxtaposed with violent brushstrokes. Each painting evoking the actions of scratching, pulling and prodding, creating a sense of depth as one representational element penetrates another. Organic forms taper into talons as they scrape against the walls of their own interior. Mixing the imagery of Constructivism, Francis Bacon, Hans Bellmer and Paul Thek, these dark invocations are ultimately indebted to the language of surrealism.


Please note that the ICA will be temporarily closed for the Olympics:

Monday 23 July—Friday 17 August 2012.

The ICA will re-open on Saturday 18 August 2012.

Opening Times
3 July - 9 September 2012
Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-11pm

12 Carlton House Terrace