Opus Pericardium

Sarah Harvey's remarkable sound art exhibition.

at SoundFjord

Using anonymised digital data of electrocardiogram (ECG) readings, Opus Pericardium uses data from the Glasgow Academic and Massachusetts Institute of Technology databases to transpose ECG data through digital software to create audio soundscapes of the human heart.

Opus Pericardium is Sarah Harvey’s first major exhibition working in collaboration with composers, Simon C Russell and Tim Yates; and scientists Professor Macfarlane at the University of Glasgow Dept. of Medical Cardiology and Richard Whale, Senior Lecturer at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Harvey says, “This project explores the notion of the heart as something personal, but also collective. Mapping from the ECG could result in complex sound material and the team will need to explore the physical qualities that will determine the acoustics of the heart readings. The collaboration will be a human interpretation. It’s envisaged that this will allow one of the fundamental questions to be explored, what the nature of ECG heart data is, and how we as a group experience and interpret its resonation.”

Talk Meet the Artists + Scientist, 21 July, 4pm

SoundFjord / Sarah Harvey

Opening Times
Preview: Wednesday 4 July, 7-9pm

7 July - 4 August 2012
Appointment only, Monday to Saturday, 12-5pm
No appointment necessary: Wednesdays, 6-8pm

Unit 3B Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road
N15 4ER