Patio Project 9

Andy Wicks' 'Beached', is a towering sculptural assemblage and recreation of the mooring structures which can be found along the banks of our city's river.

at WW Gallery (Patio)

In the visceral materiality of this wooden structure: stained by weathering, rusted and rotten; the history of the central artery of London’s trade industry is evoked.

Salvaged from the beaches of the Thames, the driftwood of our forgotten industrial past finds itself reassembled and beached on a domestic patio. Removed from its tide-washed context, the structure has an otherworldly quality and could be mistaken for a work of imagination.

WW Gallery

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 5 July, 6-9pm

5 - 29 July 2012

WW Gallery (Patio)
30 Queensdown Rd
E5 8NN