Troubling Space: The Summer Sessions

The exhibition is curated by Helga Just Christoffersen and Natasha Marie Llorens, joint winners of the 2012 Zabludowicz Collection Curatorial Open.

at Zabludowicz Collection

Artists: Francis Alÿs; Trisha Baga; Yael Bartana; Walead Beshty; Ethan Breckenridge; Gregory Crewdson; Shi Jin; Helene Kazan; Avi Mograbi; Miri Segal; Caragh Thuring; Haegue Yang

The exhibition takes as its theme the notion of space. It looks at how space is constructed in social ways, through our fantasies about them, through our occupation of them, as a result of how we move through them, and the violence we use to try to control them. It includes works by eleven artists from the Zabludowicz Collection plus a new site-specific commission by Helene Kazan.

Troubling Space: The Summer Sessions looks at space as a social field; each of these works points to how even spaces we assume are physical are also social in very significant ways. The works in the exhibition will be the subject of intense analysis over the course of the first three weekends in July, when the Summer Sessions will take place. These will consist of talks by artists, academic lectures and social events related to three specific areas: Spaces of Distribution and Production; The Body in Space; Spaces of Utopia and Dystopia. This programme is integral to the project: it responds to recent events in the public realm, taking them as an imperative to put all spaces to use; in particular, it seeks to convert the gallery space into a pedegogical space and a space of resistance.

Troubling Space: The Summer Sessions emphasises the expanded nature of contemporary curating, which includes exhibitions as well as time-based events and the production of discourse, and of meaning. It uses the idea of troubling space to trouble the space of the contemporary art collection itself, asking artists and members of the general public to spend more time than usual with particular works of art. The project brings the collection into direct dialogue with current social and aesthetic debates.. The talks and discussions which take place during the first three weekends of the show will be recorded, and listening posts will be installed in the galleries, so that visitors can engage with the debates after the fact.

Summer Sessions: 6-8 July; 13-15 July; 20-22 July

Zabludowicz Collection

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 5 July, 7-9pm

5 July - 12 August 2012
Thursday to Sunday, 12-6pm

Zabludowicz Collection
176 Prince of Wales Road