The Solo

Exhibition by Andrew Cross.

at The Dye House

The Solo was first screened to critical acclaim at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, in 2010; this will be the first time that the work has been shown in London in its original form as a two-screen video projection.

The Solo, made with 70s rock drumming legend Carl Palmer, places an intense focus on the now-unfashionable rock drum solo, which formed a key aspect of rock concerts in the late 60s and early 70s. During The Solo’s 35 minutes, Palmer, of 1970s ‘supergroup’ Emerson, Lake & Palmer, performs separate drumming sequences – from solo snare drum to brushes and cymbals, culminating in a full drum kit solo – all of which explore the tight and dynamic relationship between the drummer and his kit.

“As Palmer builds his solo from a single snare into a full drum onslaught, Cross's close up focus and minimalist editing defiantly and almost provocatively rescues a musical genre from cultural obsolescence.” Robert Clark– The Guardian

Excitingly, The Dye House event will differ from previous screenings of The Solo due to the inclusion of a new work by Cross, a two-screen projection featuring saxophonist Nik Turner, a founding member of 1970s ‘anarchic space rockers’ Hawkwind, playing an improvised solo on Salisbury Plain. Despite the seeming blank canvas provided by this vast and empty green landscape, the area has particular significance for the musician as it’s home to Stonehenge, where Hawkwind were well known for their appearance at the summer solstice festivals of the 70s & 80s. This unique screening at the Dye House brings Palmer and Turner together for the first time since they performed, albeit on separate stages, at the Isle of Wight Festival of 1970.

The Solo is being presented as part of A Bucolic Frolic: Distractions from the Modern, which also includes an exhibition co-ordinated by Andrew Cross at Mummery+Schnelle, 28 June – 18 August.

Running time is approximately 50 minutes and screenings will begin every hour on the hour from 1pm until 5pm.

Andrew Cross

Opening Times
4-8 July 2012

The Dye House
Nutbrook Studios, 33 Nutbrook Street,
SE15 4JU