Eva Kenny and Ellie Greig create a night of games, music and karaoke based on the concept of social anxiety.

at Visions Video Bar

Eva by Heart produces artist’s nights at Visions Video Bar. Each artist is invited to conceive an event to take place over an evening within the basement venue. The format of each night is left up to the artist, however as a club venue the space lends itself to sound, performance and video.

OWN GOAL is a night celebrating the epic, Olympian quality of awkward social situations that, although shortlived in duration and often quotidian in theme, are of the utmost importance and intensity during their extent. Beginning with a Social Anxiety Board Game, to which guests are made to contribute anonymous accounts of horribly awkward or embarrassing social experiences, the pawns will make their way around the board towards the end and relief outside the door where they can finally smoke a cigarette in peace.

We ask that everyone in the audience provide us with a few short written anonymous descriptions of some awful situation and their own competitive assessment of it, along the lines of the following:

-sending a text message to the person the text is about, go back 5 places-

-your mother's best friend telling you all about her new play dealing with the sex lives of women over 65, go forward 2 places-

-mistaking a small person for a child, go back 12 places-

-realising you're introducing two people who are having a secret affair, go forward 22 places-

-being overheard dissing both artist and curator at the private view, go back 30 places and never work in this town again-


The MC will read out these anonymous confessions and, based on the number of steps forwards or backwards instructed, the pawns will move around the board. First one to the exit wins. For the audience, increased adrenalin, higher levels of self esteem, rush of endorphins, enhanced cognitive function, sense of being part of a team, and regulation of cortisol levels in the body ensue.

This high will continue throughout the night, aided by recorded music and karaoke.


Opening Times
Thursday 12 July, 10pm-2am

Visions Video Bar
588 Kingsland Road
E8 4AH