Chelsea PG Diploma Fine Art

The Postgraduate Diploma at the Chelsea College of Art will be coming to its definitive end this year with the final show being the showcase for this year's graduating artists.

at Chelsea College of Art & Design

The exhibition, a survey of muti-disciplinary work, such as a collective series of performances that are political and yet absurdly funny with a collision of multi-media installations by Kiran Kaur Brar, Lucy Beynon, Eleanor Bradford, Shali Liu which embraces the corner stone for the slap-stick but with the underbelly of tragedy.

Luke Jordon’s noise machine box room, a performance of hellish environments raw and compelling. Necole Schmitz five domed installations that must be entered on your knees to enjoy a momentary escapement within a weird but natural space but once within you witness the artist via video grappling in an eerie mud crawl. Artist Vanessa Hodgkinson showing a wall of elegantly, laboriously painted grids using the technique of egg tempera, Ji Eun Kim delicate painting of surreal self made world. David Meekison large robust abstract paintings. Jennifer Hawkins and Kelly Akers paintings of exposures of obsessional desires and mediated idolizations. Anthony Alexis quite contemplative installation. Jamie Barbor brittle bon bon like edible looking small floor works. Nicola Beckles cement architectural platforms with various abnormal organ type objects made from ceramic. Sung-eun Chin a fake museumologist. Karen Davies performative monolith drawings. Tanja Engelberts large metal opposing structures together with subtle photography. Vanessa Gemayel bright, childlike playful paintings on paper. Nathalie Guinamard vast printed collage with smaller contemplative works exploring the interior. Millicent Hawk displaying a tongue in cheek sculptural forms and objects. Nikolai Ishchuk colossal photographic wall piece. Rom Isichei paintings with collage’s regarding identity. Sophia Lee upturned volcanic structure to be entered using your head. Tahira Mandarino calming space that houses the familiar with wall and floor pieces. Jorge Osuna Sanchez emotive video. Cheryl Papasian room installation honouring a dead mountain climber, come-stripper bar. Ana Teles beautiful aluminium and ink disfigured portraitures. Alberto Torres Hernandez gold and sliver leaf oil paintings of erotic explosions. Elcin Tozge Dalgic video dialogue room. Ayşegül Wilde installation of thoughtful and yet violent photographic drawings. Alex J Wood room installation of table like characters, soaring above in the shape of a mountainous fragile mass. Hiroki Yamamoto neon sign ‘will you marry me’ holds an uncertainty to happiness. Teona Yamanidze dark demonic void-like abstract paintings. Sarah Jane Hender’s sculptural assemblages hold the inner ugly-ness, with remnants transformed, caked in clay, dripping or smeared transcend ideas of staining, ‘to become soiled’, asking questions such as: ‘ am I an object of acceptance?’

Chelsea College of Art and Design – PG Dip Fine Art Show 2012

Opening Times
Preview: Friday 20 July, 6-9pm
21 - 24 July 2012

Chelsea College of Art & Design
16 John Islip Street