The White Queen

James B. L. Hollands' new audio-visual installation creates synthetic cosmos.

at DIVUS London

The White Queen (2012) is an audiovisual symphony, comprising seven movements which Hollands states: ‘is a neo-transcendental symbolist tragedy‘ taking the form of an immersive multimedia installation.

The viewer is invited to lie on a grass lawn on the gallery floor and stare into an artificial cosmos projected onto the ceiling. The undulating pulsations of this synthetic starscape are digitally generated by an orchestral score that owes as much to hip-hop and grime as to Terry Riley, Glenn Branca and Michael Gira. The visuals take us on a journey through space where we witness the nebulaic creation of a black hole in which alternative galaxies explode and then gradually dissolve into an abstract nothingness.

The White Queen conjoins hearing and seeing into a near synaesthesic experience, acting as neither a mirror nor a window to reality. The viewer is invited to suspend disbelief and regard a sympathetic universe that cares about human existence so much that it is prepared to arrange itself into an orgy of symphonic audio visual pleasure for our express enjoyment – a rejection of Quentin Meillasoux’s statement that the universe ‘is not for us’, and a blissed-out reversal of the humiliation afforded to the human by the Copernican revolution.

The White Queen is 30 minutes long, and will be screened at regular intervals during opening times.

Hollands is an experimental filmmaker, musician, ex club VJ, and former curator of the Horse Hospital in London’s Bloomsbury.

DIVUS London

Opening Times
27 July - 25 August 2012
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

DIVUS London
Enclave 5, Resolution Way,