Ralph Anderson, Tim Barnes, Josue Borges, Sasha Bowles, Karen David, Alice Eikelpoth, Philip Elbourne, Matt Gee and Ann-Marie James.

at 60 Saralane

“Through this exhibition of nine young London-based artists, and an accompanying discussion event, we intend to ask questions such as how do we make and exhibit art ‘post-internet’. How can the creativity of a single artist compare with the communal ownership of online material? Does the physical presence of artworks, the fact that you cannot simultaneously occupy that same space, really matter? And, what does your screen smell like?

To stand where the artist has stood and see the marks they have made, to get up close is to experience a connection that is not possible through a screen .We are exhibiting our work in an untraditional gallery. There are no white walls here. It is a very raw space of concrete, steel and breeze block .For us to be able to exhibit our work here means it has to speak for itself and hold its own ground. It hasn’t been tweaked for a computer screen; there is no digital enhancement, manipulation or special lighting. You will be able to walk around the sculptures and put your nose close to the paintings. We will not be putting up images of the exhibition before the opening. You are invited to come and experience the work in the raw. After all, ‘What does your screen smell like?’”

There will be an accompanying panel talk evening on Friday 27 July with speakers, Anna Baker (artist), Thomas Cuckle (Ibid Projects, Hoxton) and Jeff Dennis (artist and senior lecturer Wimbledon College Art).


Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 26 July, 6-9pm

26 - 28 July 2012
Friday and Saturday, 11am-5pm

60 Saralane
Lower Level, Hoxton,
N1 6RE