Art Licks, Issue 14 launch

We are very excited to launch the new issue of Art Licks at 38b with live music from Nicolas Burrows of Nous Vous, and Jenny Moore of Coova and themed cocktails.

at 38b Peckham Rye

Includes writing and work from:

Pio Abad, Kiera Blakey, Jenna Bliss, Jessie Bond, Leah Capaldi, Kitty Clark, Patrick Coyle, Benjamin Eastham, Lionel Eid, Magda Fabianczyk, Sophie Halart, Lily Hall, They Are Here, Steve Hurtado, Elise Lammer, Freddy DeweMathews, MeganRooney, Eva Rowson, José da Silva, Sophia Starling, Jim Woodall, Alma Zevi

Art Licks (£6) is stocked throughout the UK, Europe and the US.
You can also order a copy of the magazine via our website.

Nicolas Burrows of Nous Vous


There will be live music from artist Jenny Moore's band, Coova.

Talking About It -- bootleg recording (with Dave Maric improvising on electronics)...

Oxfords, Haircuts -- a recorded sound piece...


Jenny Moore & bandJenny Moore & bandJenny Moore & bandArt Licks, Issue 14. Cover image: Rory Mulligan, Splatter (detail), 2009, 20 x 24 in, Silver Gelatin Print

Opening Times
Event: Saturday 10 May, 6-8pm

38b Peckham Rye
SE15 4JR