Unperforming 3

To celebrate the end of Floating Island's exhibition 'In Search of the Miraculous', the gallery will be hosting the third in this series of energetic performance nights, featuring artists experimenting with duration and liveness.

at Floating Island Gallery

Cradeaux Alexander, Louise Ashcroft, Neela Basu, Renata Bandeira & Kristoff Axelson, BBKP, Paula Bourke- Girgis, Luke Burton, Alex Chalmers, Rosa Farber, Rebecca Glover, Egg Johnson, Hannah Jones, Kate Mahony, Anni Movsisyan, Marcus Orlandi, Maru Rojas, Mark Selby, Monica Valcarcel-Saez, Sharon Whyte, Aaron Williamson, Charlotte Young

Using diverse methods and materials, the works incorporate objects, video, humour, scripts, stories, gesture, play, imagery, action and sound.

“I used to know what I meant when I used the word Unperforming. I’d watched Guy Debord’s film from the late 1960s, ‘The Society of the Spectacle’, about how reality has been replaced by ubiquitous imagery – it’s on YouTube now, ironically. I’d been thinking about ways of performing without performing. I’m no longer sure what I meant really. I think it has something to do with recipes, slipperiness and those lizards that shed their tail when you try to catch them by it. A recipe is a story that encourages its own reenactment; it is an art form that occupies multiple tenses. Unperforming is a bit like this—what you experience might not be the work, it might just be a tributary of the work which signposts the absence of the thing itself. Unperformances are often performances that have already moved on elsewhere; else-thing; leaving videos or objects as footprints; relics of the ‘can’t catch me’. Unperformers possibly prefer props, tools and forensic artifacts to aesthetic objects that have no life beyond themselves.” Louise Ashcroft, Artist / Curator.

Floating Island Gallery

Opening Times
Event: Thursday 26 June, 6-9pm

Floating Island Gallery
15 Harbour Exchange Square
E14 9JX