Introducing ECHO

Launch of a new online radio station exploring the spatial qualities of sound, live acts of communication and ideas of broadcast via artists' works, and artists talking.

at The Function Room

The « ECHO » residency at The Function Room includes an exhibition, listening stations, and a recording space. Radio « ECHO » will launch with live performances from Blaithin Mac Donnell and Daniel Michael Clark at a party on Thursday.

Exhibiting artists are Amina Abbas-Nazari, Gabriel Birch, Freya Gabie,David Gibson, Katarina Hruskova, Roy Immanuel, Jana Koelmel, Vesta Kroese, plus publications from Louise Ashcroft, Jessie Bond, Giulia Damiani, Carl Gent, Richard Kings and Jose da Silva, Hannah Newell and more…

Curated by Anna Clifford, Katherine Finerty, Dunya Kalantery and Angelica Sule, the « ECHO » online archive will incorporate … all silent but for the broadcast … ! eight days of radio broadcasts first aired during graduation exhibition Show RCA 2014, following the Curating Contemporary Art MA exhibition … all silent but for the buzzing … (18-26 June 2014)

« ECHO » archive contributors/collaborators:

Amina Abbas-Nazari, Karen Alexander, Louise Ashcroft, Emily Beber, Pascale Cumming Benson, Lucy Biddle, Gabriel Birch, Jessie Bond, Daniel Michael Clark, Anna Clifford, Stuart Croft, Jose da Silva, Giulia Damiani, Susanna Davies-Crook, Debbie Ding, Meg Ferguson, Katherine Finerty, Rhiannon Flemming, Freya Gabie, Timothy Gasbarro, Carl Gent, David M. Gibson, Arne Gieshoff, Keren Goldberg, Holly Graham, Marlene Haring, Edwin Hillier, James Holliday, Katarina Hruskova, Roy Immanuel, Nicholas Johnson, Dunya Kalantery, Vesta Kroese, Mike Ladouceur, Rodrigo Lebrun, Life Agency, Lisa Illean, Scot Kaplan, Jana Koelmel, Paula Lopez Zambrano, Blaithin Mac Donell, Dan Macintyre, Rúaidhri Mannion, Esa Matinvesi, Daniel McBride, Niall Morahan, Hannah Newell, Newton Whitelaw, Michael Pecirno, Hans-Jörg Pochmann, Liza Premiyak, Charles Rickleton, Elizabeth Riggan, Jackson Schwier, Angelica Sule, Sean Stoker, Harry Trimble, Margrethe Troensegaard, Miloslav Vorlíček, Robert Wilson, Boo Arvid Wallin, Keef Winter, Ritz Wu

The Function Room / The « ECHO »

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 11 December, 7-10pm

8 - 17 December 2014
Daily, 12-6pm

The Function Room
Upstairs at The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road,