A one night exhibition of a critical video collaboration by students of the Royal College of Art.

at Holdron's Arcade

Hyperstore is an exhibition that investigates the precarious future of the printed book. The works on display deconstruct the mechanics of online retail phenomena to highlight the effect they have on our perceptions of trade, origin, distance and distribution. Collectively functioning as a critical video essay, works by different contributors to Hyperstore acknowledge the turbulence of change at a time when independent high street bookshops are suffering from competition against online stores.

Consisting of visuals, animation, music, illustration and critical writing, Hyperstore occupies three retail spaces. The show is set as a fragmented representation of online shopping corporations and their ‘Fulfillment Centres’ – the world’s largest containers of organised chaos. Inside these vast ‘everything stores’ a workforce of pickers and packers are the only witnesses to events going on behind the anonymity of the intangible digital shop front.

Book Test Unit director David Blamey explains: ‘This performance/installation will be a comment on the mysterious processes of e-commerce. Hyperstore promises to combine the glossy structure of an online store with the murky and chaotic systems of these warehouses to make surprising connections between objects and experiences that we might encounter on the traditional high street.’ Professor Teal Triggs, Associate Dean, School of Communication at the RCA, expands:

‘I believe Hyperstore is going to be something terrific; an indicator of the kind of critical thinking the publishing industry will need to engage with in the future. The results are impressive.’

Book Test Unit is an interdisciplinary research group situated in the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art. Set-up to make experimental, critical and speculative enquiries into writing, designing and reading experiences, the Unit’s first point of focus has been the book. A select group of students from MA programmes in Visual Communication, Critical Writing in Art & Design, and Curating Contemporary Art have been invited to engage with the book subject from multiple critical perspectives to explore its unique condition and move towards a set of new propositions for a publishing future. The project has been generously supported by Thames & Hudson Publishers.

Book Test Unit 2015: Teal Triggs, David Blamey, Joseph Pochodzaj, Gareth Long, David Crowley, Kit Hammonds, Robert Hetherington, Sun Jaegal, Charlotte-Maëva Perret, Jane Scarth, Lia Forslund, Stine Deja, Jennifer Lam, Franciszek Wardynski, Charles Rickleton, Roxanne Gatt, Elizabeth Holdsworth, Xueling Wang.

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Opening Times
Event: Thursday 23 April, 6-9pm

Holdron's Arcade
135a Rye Lane, Peckham,
SE15 4ST