Arts Residency: Bangkok

HOF Art and Surface Arts presents an exciting residency program in the heart of Bangkok's budding art district.

HOF Art and Surface Arts bring artists together from around the world to concentrate on producing ideas, generating new work and new audiences. The residency aims to support artists through their explorations and encounters to expand their practice. The space is in the hip Sukhumvit area and is a focal point for both emerging and established artists, providing a space for exhibitions and events with two galleries and a café bar. There is also ten studio spaces, along with resident accommodation, rooftop kitchen and social space.

HOF Art and Surface Arts accept applications from contemporary artists with an interest in urban environments and Thai culture. The programme aims to support the production of ideas and art works to develop understanding between cultures.

HOF Art and Surface Arts expect innovation and creative relationships to grow from this residency and actively benefit the individual artist as well as the local art community.

You should address your reasons for wanting to enter the residency and an outline of your project. Applicants must submit the following information:

1. Proposal/outline of project

2. Preferred starting date and duration of visit

3. CV

4. Visual material (up to five examples of previous works)

Send to:

Feel free to send any further questions you may have.

Residency Fee is 35,000 THB per month, per artist

Read more information on the residency programme.