I hear thrumming

Anu Agency presents a series of events for nourishing interaction.

at Disapore

For the second project at Diaspore space, Anu Agency presents a series of events for nourishing interaction. Throughout February the space will be transformed into an environment for embodied practices such as poetry readings, yoga and sound healing, as well as a juice bar and kitchen for shared meals. To host a programme of events Anu Agency will create a spatial design that resonates ideas of continual regeneration. Symbolic diagrams will be repeated in a visual rhythm to promote a sense of well being and invite a meditative experience.

It is known certain plant species ‘hear’ caterpillars chewing on their leaves. This elicits the production of a substance the caterpillar finds obnoxious. We interpret this as a feedback loop and as evidence of sentience and communication at all levels of organic life. Cultures indigenous to forests and who live amongst plants see themselves as part of the ecosystem they inhabit rather than separate from it; a relational exchange that encompasses all lifeforms. Anu Agency intend to use this as a model to present a series of events for reciprocal nourishment between visitors to Diaspore, themselves and guest artists and performers.

From 2—28 February 2017; access by appointment only contact info@diaspore.space

Diaspore space

Opening Times
Preview: Wednesday 1 February, 6.30-9pm

2 - February 2017
by appointment

Corner of Keeto's Road & Collett Road
SE16 4EE