Spectacular Evidence: Theatres of the Observed Mind

A one-day symposium that will include presentations, performances, screenings and talks from the fields of visual art, medicine and critical theory.

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Drawing upon histories of madness and its exhibition, and considering how it has been staged as cultural performance, this event will consider behaviours and ‘performances’ exchanged between viewer and physician in relation to patient.

Confirmed contributors to the event include:

Caterina Albano
Sal Anderson
Monika Ankele
Zoe Beloff
Rosemary Cronin
Eddy Dreadnought
Michelle Williams Gamaker
Anna Harpin
Zoe Mendelson
Joanne Morra
Florence Peake

Convened by Dr Zoë Mendelson and presented by Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Graduate School Public Programme.


Opening Times
Event: Friday 24 March, 11am-6pm

Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street,
E1 6AB