The Hum: Inventing Sensations

Public panel discussion which will look at ways lab based experiments within the brain sciences are being critically explored through art, design, architecture and dance to create embodied, performed and experiential encounters.

at The Bartlett School of Architecture, 6.02


Mihaela Mitrovic (Architect, cognitive scientist, neuroscientist and film scholar)

Matthias Sperling (Choreographer and performer)

Ava Aghakouchak (Architectural Designer)

On one hand, the title ‘Inventing Sensations’ refers to a common laboratory practice: of controlling environmental stimulus to objectively map and measure a subject’s physical and cognitive reactions. Yet simultaneously, it points towards a potential future that knowledge from the brain sciences could unlock: a world of trans-realities, of environmentally or technologically enhanced emotions, sensations and movements.

Through presentations and screenings the panel will propose potential applications of brain knowledgein culture, and consider ways these may destabilise our learned habits of perception and cognition.

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Opening Times
Event: Thursday 23 March, 6.30-9pm

The Bartlett School of Architecture, 6.02
22 Gordon Street