Pointless Protest, Sculpturise me

'Pointless Protest, Sculpturise me' public performance is a proposal for a simplified usage of the freedom of action.

at 10 Downing Street

'I am cuming Cum with me I'm not gonna cum'

Every public action starts to have a point and it is impossible to detach ourselves from a message, and yet, this presence in front of the Prime Minister’s Office seems like an inconsequential action. This static demonstration will take the form of a sensual sculpture created and performed by artist Roxman Gatt, fake love will be privately performed under a long duvet where the body figures of the artist and volunteer performers will be visible to the public.

Pointless Protest, Sculpturise me responds to the revival of the revolting spirit and the position artists take that focuses on responding to and engaging with contemporary demands.

A Pointless Protest is a suppression of all strategic considerations, a necessity for any revolutionary demonstrations where the protesters are playing themselves.

This sculptural performance is no longer directed toward achieving a goal, nor driven by making a point, but it stands as a practice of inserting ourselves into a space of political weight.

Roxman Gatt is a graduate of Royal College of Art in Visual Communication. Roxman Gatt was a selected artist for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016 and will be representing the Malta Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, 2017.

"As curators concerned with socio-political issues of our day and question the status-quo, we explore the language of protest itself and push it to its limitations. Our protest is not a directly political protest, but a call to action that explores the deliverer and the receiver. Curated by second-year students Catinca Malaimare, Annie Murrells, Jenna Fox, Yu Soo Park, Bella Coyne as part of their Ba Fine Art at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham."—Black Box

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Opening Times
Event: Wednesday 22 March, 12-2pm

10 Downing Street
(Richmond Terrace), Westminster,