Pennies from Heaven

An exhibition of new work by Jamie Bracken Lobb.

at Dye House 451

Jamie Bracken Lobb works across sculpture, photography and video. His work is made with found objects and accumulated material, exploring assumed hierarchies, histories and archetypes and their intrinsic values.

Pennies from Heaven is a two-room installation encompassing moving image, sound, sculpture and feel. The gallery becomes a space for focus and present attention during this time of seasonal transition on earth. In this period the sun will proceed through Pisces, and day and night will briefly be restored to an equal balance.

Jamie Bracken Lobb (b.1986, London) received his BA from the University of the West of England, Bristol in 2008, he lives and works in London.

Dye House 451

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 23 March, 6-9pm

27 January - 19 February 2017
Friday to Saturday, 11am-5pm

Dye House 451
451 Wick Lane
E3 2TB