A work in progress with the title "where does the art lie?"

An interactive screening event produced by Karolina Magnusson Murray and Leon Platt.

at Hotel Elephant

Karolina Magnusson and Leon Platt’s process is socially engaged and collaborative. On the 20th April, Karolina and Leon will produce a site-specific screening event, 'A work in progress with the title “where does the art lie?"' which considers the historical and conceptual significance of the Café/Salon environment. Their aim is that participants in the work will be listed as collaborators and receive a version of the final work to own.

Their shared interests and points of reference include, intentionality; intellectual property; collaboration; recursion; closed systems, criticism and institutional critique. They are particularly interested in the underlying processes that shape artistic practice including the conceptual frameworks of artistic dialogue.

Karolina & Leon work on a project-to-project basis; they work in any medium that is in line with their intentions and concepts for that specific project, as well as aiming to include other collaborators and participants if the work demands it.

This particular project is collaborative and inclusive through its interactive framework. It uses a socially engaged environment (Café/Salon), to question implicit and overlooked levels of contribution and responsibility between artists and audiences. The work is going to be made in real time during the event, therefore, anyone attending will be listed as a collaborator and will receive a version of the final work to own. Collaborators so far include William Colley, Karolina Magnusson Murray, Alicia Matthews, and Leon Platt.

Hotel Elephant

Opening Times
Event: Thursday 20 April, 7pm

Hotel Elephant
5 Spare Street
SE17 3EP