The Rest Was Mismanaged

A selection of new paintings and sculptures by Tom Savery and Henry Bradley set within a shop front on Nunhead High Street.

at 123 Evelina Road

Tom Savery and Henry Bradley have utilised a shop front on Nunhead High Street to explore and experiment with the relationship between their new paintings and sculptures. Through the varied use of mediums such as ceramics, paint, film, textiles and print, whilst using found objects such as turf, balloons, toys, garden statues, drums and more, the show attempts to posit the two new sets of work amidst a purposefully hectic dialogue with each other. In this somewhat tumultuous space of conversation, what alternative meanings can be drawn from each others work, and what new reasons may appear for the setting up of the show itself?

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Opening Times
Preview: Friday 21 April, 6-9pm

22 - 23 April 2017
Saturday and Sunday, 12-3pm

123 Evelina Road
SE15 3HB