Photographic and sculptural processes overlap, quote or confuse each other within one entwined installation.

at Copperfield

To coincide with the publication of Harvey-Regan's book 'The Erratics' (RVB Paris) Copperfield presents the first UK showing of Metalepsis, an installation consisting of thirteen distinct but entwined and primarily photographic components. Metalepsis spans a range of processes, subject matters and time frames, touching on themes of materiality and mass, surface and form, language, religion and the absurd, all the while employing a kind of muted iconoclasm that never entirely accepts the image for what it is. Throughout the work a sense of continuity is retained through Harvey-Regan’s distinct visual and conceptual sensibility.

'Metalepsis' itself is a rhetorical device that means taking figurative language through a succession of different figurative terms and meanings. In exploring this photographically Harvey-Regan considers all of the components that make up a work—subject, medium, material, form, framing—and gives all of them a type of equal significance through any becoming the means to reference or transition to another. Metalepsis therefore becomes a type of visual syntax where images, materials and subjects quote, introduce, overlap, encounter, and re-quote each other.


Opening Times
Book launch: Monday 15 May, 6-9pm

6 Copperfield Street