Peckham 24

A 24hr celebration of contemporary photography in Peckham during Photo London week.

at Copeland Park and Bussey Building

Peckham 24 is a short photography festival with a series of exhibitions and live events that take place over a 24 hour period during Photo London week. The festival unites a network of local Peckham-based artists, galleries and curators to shine a spotlight on cutting-edge contemporary photographic works made in London and internationally.

Peckham 24 is based in the heart of Peckham at Copeland Park and The Bussey Building, as well as across participating gallery and art spaces Peckham-wide. Exhibiting artists include:

Emma Bäcklund, Mette Bersang, Julie Boserup, Jonny Briggs, Julie Cockburn, Gabby Laurent & Dominic Bell, Louise Oates, Eva Stenram, Clare Strand, Dominic Till, Tereza Zelenkova, Jo Dennis, Laura El-Tantawy, Robert Ellis, Sohrab Hura, Uncertain States, Oliver Griffin, Nicky Hirst.


Opening Times
Preview: Friday 19 May, 6pm-2am

19 - 20 May 2017
Friday, 6pm-2am
Saturday, 12-6pm

Copeland Park and Bussey Building
133 Rye Lane, Peckham, plus multiple venues across Peckham,