Surface Matters

Photographic exhibition exploring the materiality of photography.

at Dye House 451

The surface of a photographic print can now be expanded as it fluidly integrates between both two and three dimensions. Initially in respect to sculpture, photography was the medium used to fundamentally document the art work. Now with the emergence of contemporary photographic practises, it has influenced the medium to manifest relationships with other art forms such as sculpture, video, painting and even performance. Surface Matters is an exhibition looking at how photography can inhabit a perceptible and tactile approach that pushes the photograph or installation into a sculptural form or object.

The exhibition will also feature a new zine. Photography & is a creative organisation founded by Livia Smith and Phoebe Mead. Their zine publication offer's a dialogue into the ever-expanding field of photography, exploring its employment through different modes of cross-disciplinarily art practice. Free copies will be available throughout the exhibition.

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Opening Times
Preview: Friday 19 May, 6.30-9pm

19 - 20 May 2017

Dye House 451
451 Wick Lane
E3 2TB