The window was left open though the door was shut

Let's put Duchamp and Readymades aside. Shall we engage with an object's sentience for what it is? After all, contemporary art is an object in itself.

at 3 Ada Road

I warn you of the readiness of transformation present in everything. This is a fact we are well adjusted to – call to mind the production of goods we all consume (of which art is but one). An orange lifebuoy begins its life in the same plastic as toys. Just as dollar bills are really made of cotton, the same cotton of clothes found in the streets, in the streets made of ready-mix concrete. Instead of living among us as domestic device or design, these objects have been reworked again: now housed in new ficto-realities and temporalities. Their poetic sensibilities are exploited, opening onto new (yet still) maker-ly forms.

Is the artwork an object’s endgame? How will future archeologists tell the strange stories of our time? “So paint me a picture of life as I know it”! I point to the display of two candles, never quite ready to burn.


Matt Ager

Olivia Brook Alfa

Fenella Brereton

Oli Epp

Zsofia Margit

Sisters from Another Mister

Tenant of Culture

Will Thompson

3 Ada Road

Opening Times
Preview: Tuesday 3 October, 6.30-8.30pm

4 - 27 October 2017
by appointment only

3 Ada Road