From Cornucopia

Works by Hannah Tilson and David Donald who both use textiles as part of their practice.

at Centre for Recent Drawing

Donald and Tilson are both interested in the world of drawings used for advertising, especially the use of logos for high end fashion lines. They take logos and incorporate them into their own work, creating bootleg merchandise enabling them to become part of the brand and own it without buying products. Their work embraces the notion of iconic forms being manipulated and simplified for advertising. In a world where we see hundreds of adverts a day, yet look at them for just a few seconds, the drawn image is pared down to a recognisable symbol which can instantly conjure the required emotions. Donald’s drawing plays on this idea, using a scroll to evoke feelings of fairy tale stories, princesses and folklore characters.

For this exhibition Tilson focussed on the drawing as a finished work rather than a preparation for one of her paintings, thus giving the drawings space and an open, fresh feel. They follow Warhol’s Do It Yourself aesthetic; one work boldly showing a Sims building whilst another outlines layer upon layer of fashion pattern prints.

Donald’s highly technical and intricate drawings with repetitive brick pattern, mimic sample designs for a knitted garment such as a Missoni jumper or a woven tapestry. His drawing of Pinocchio shows the famous character with a Gucci print repeated across the puppets chest. Donald works meticulously to create drawings through algebra.

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Opening Times
29 September - 21 October 2017
Thursday to Saturday, 1-6pm

Centre for Recent Drawing
2-4 Highbury Station Road
N1 1SB