The Future Grotesque Award Ceremony 2017

Exquisite Vogon Television (EVTV) presents an immersive performance event.

at Amersham Arms

Exquisite Vogon Television have been showcasing high octane, low-fi sci-fi performance art, experimental noise, live techno, and chiptune artists in immersive video installations for over a year. With over twelve episodes under the utility-belt, EVTV are throwing a lavish award ceremony at the Amersham Arms.

Featuring live performances by Silent Bomber (showcasing his new audio visual set ‘Stealth’), Scrabulous Anomaly (Alexis Milne), Miss HerNia (Laura Adamson), Psychiceyeclix vs Nnja Riot (a live noise -saber duel) Oliotronix, (live Chiptune set) Nacast (live techno set), Guildhall Military Orchestra, Lu Ma Oi, Theo Gasteratos, A Nightmare On Old Kent Road and the one and only Executant Compère Tex ‘Extra X’ Royale.

The event will also feature a ‘Fetid swamp oblivion’ video triple bill. Dane Sutherland presents his video, Vapid Slather Swells the Wet Haven, a Mystic Theory-Fiction dredged from the fetid data set of dead thought. Alexis Milne presents The Submerged Kid’ video series in which a disparate group of drug addicts scavenge the ‘Battersea Lagoons’ of a post-apocalyptic submerged London in search of spinal fluid, extracted from hybrid super species that thrive in the radiated waters. Tex Royale returns to stage with the freshly reformed Heavy Breath Co.—a hylozoic ensemble featuring gorgeous Morgan Organ and the obstreperous Yanimal—performing to a backdrop of psychedelic goosebumps-gunge made of pizza and spaghetti, inspired by the ‘matmos’, a lake of evil sentient sludge housed under the city of Sogo on the 16th planet of Tau Ceti.

EVTV / facebook event

Opening Times
Event: Thursday 12 October, 8pm-2am

Amersham Arms
New Cross
SE14 6TY