Experiments in Black and White

In partnership with independent curator, Tessa Jackson, gallery artist Neville Gabie will present work from his ongoing series 'Experiments in Black and White'.

at Danielle Arnaud

The work takes as its central ethos a response to the world around us through a series of material based artist performances exploring notions of labour, endurance and the physical landscape. The title itself is drawn from the idea of absolutes, a scientific response to an emotional landscape.

The artists says: "Whilst artist in Residence with the Cabot Institute, Bristol University, I spent some time with staff in the department of mathematics. One professor I spoke to talked about his ongoing research to ‘measure and define infinity.’ That whole conceit struck me as being as close to the elusive nature of art itself as anything else. Watching him work was also a revelation. He worked on three large blackboards with chalk and a duster, writing and rubbing out a whole series of equations, moving from one to the other with such speed and intensity, that the whole experience required great physical exertion. He was engaged in what is perhaps the frontline of pure maths, but working with one of the most ancient of natural materials, chalk and in doing so, particles, many millennia old, were being broken to dust as they fell to the floor. When he had finished I was curious to know why he worked in what seemed like a basic way with chalk and a board. Why not a computer? His answer itself made such sense in relation to my own practice. What he talked about was the relationship between the hand taking a physical action and the speed and way in which the brain, his brain, could process his thoughts. The understanding and the processing of thought through action, is exactly the point at which our work intersects."

The exhibition will include drawing, photography, film and performance. An accompanying essay by Tessa Jackson will be available as part of the exhibition.

Danielle Arnaud

Opening Times
Preview: Friday 12 January, 6-9pm

13 January - 17 February 2018
Thursday to Saturday, 2-6pm

Danielle Arnaud
123 Kennington Road
SE11 6SF